Add+ your CRM: Change the perspective to change your business

Addoptify delivers best-practice plug-in solutions that help you Add, Adopt and Optimise your CRM! Our vision is to bridge internal efficiency with customer centricity and help you reorient your CRM perspective from silo-based activities to a 360-degree strategy.

Our playground is the entire CRM ecosystem – from customer targeting and acquisition to customer retention and support. Our toolbox includes market-leading, cost-effective, flexible and engaging plug-in solutions, and our proof of delivery is enhanced CRM practices, eliminated silos and unique customer experiences.

Say hello to the new Sugar plug-in

Our Add+ solutions include only best practice tools and market leading brands

Customer Journey Plug-In™

Change the perspective. Unite internal efficiency with customer centricity.

Add+ Quick Email Composer

Supporting your customers has never been easier. Build and send emails in a snap!

Add+ IBM Connections Plug-In

Managing projects have never been easier. Add+ your knowledge sharing and innovation.

Add+ Facebook Connector

Add+ your social media presence. Connect your Facebook account to SugarCRM.

Add+ Custom Survey Module

Create and analyse surveys in SugarCRM and stay on track with your customers.

”The customer’s decision cycle is not the same as a sales cycle: It begins well before you are ever involved and continues long after you’ve closed the deal”

Phil Winters, Customer Strategist – CIAgenda

In the age of digital communication, companies that manage to view their business from the customer’s point of view will reap enormous rewards: enhanced customer experiences, increased revenue, lower costs and greater employee satisfaction. The key is to understand the customer’s entire decision journey and unify every customer-facing activity throughout your organisation.
At the heart of the challenge is the siloed nature of CRM – with every customer-facing department working on its own, resulting in lack of collaboration across departments and levels, limited data sharing and an inefficient sales process. The lack of widespread CRM deployment is one of the main reasons why only few have managed to tap into the true potential of CRM.

Let’s Add+ your CRM! Addoptify offers you powerful tools that help you get the most out of your CRM by streamlining your entire CRM chain, discover more effective ways to collaborate across functions and levels, and eliminate internal silos.

Our plug-in solutions are all centred around the same vision: To bring around an operational and cultural CRM shift that engages your organisation across functions – from top to bottom, shaping a unified interaction with your customers and building a structure for understanding, capturing and proactively responding to the decision-making process of individuals.