What happens when one of your Sales Executives leaves the team?  Worrying about losing institutional knowledge, missing expertise or  ruing important customer relations? Can you afford to have an  employee with a monopoly on customer-specific knowledge?  Losing an employee can cripple your business and puncture existing  sales opportunities. Without a smooth handover process you risk disrupting other staff and key tasks being forgotten. The Customer Journey plugin™ (or Customer Process Manager – that some call it) –  can secure that when important employees leave the company their knowledge, process expertise and customer information don’t leave with them.

“Secure a smooth staff handover and process transition with the Customer Journey PluginTM”

Smooth hand-over with the Customer Journey Plugin™

With the Customer Journey Plugin™ the off-boarding process goes much more smoothly and ensures a constant knowledge transition – leaving no one behind. With all sales tasks, calls, meetings and processes clearly defined and accessible, all staff members are given an effective tool to adopt and take over customer relations and sales  opportunities from previous employees.

Instead of looking in a whirlwind of old emails, lost papers and documents, the  dynamic workflow is the key point for all customer related data, tasks and  actions, making the handover procedure easy and effective.

No punctured sales process and lost opportunities

With the Customer Journey Plugin™ each sales activity and task is synchronized  with the customer’s decision journey; at any given moment, you know where  the customer is in the decision cycle. With a clear path visualizing where in the  process you and your customers are – and with a dashboard that tells you exactly what is expected to be done in order to enhance the process, it  becomes easy for all staff members to take over existing sales activities and manage key points of engagement without slowing down the sales process, losing opportunities or ruing existing customer relations.