The success factors: streamlined processes, a unified sales methodology and stronger onboarding efficiency. The key ingredient: Customer Journey Integration with Sugar!

With a presence in more than 80 markets, Roxtec has become a global brand and a world-leading supplier of flexible cable and pipe sealing solutions to various industries.

Since 2008 SugarCRM has been the strategic and practical backbone for Roxtec’s sales and the key to orchestrating sales management across local sales teams and upscaling a clear customer focus. However, a growing organisational map separated not only by geography but also various sales terminologies and practices led the company to rethink its strategy:

“We needed better transparency and overview of progress throughout the entire sales cycle, and to establish a shared understanding and wording. With the Customer Journey Integration, we have found the missing piece of the puzzle” says Fredrik Hugosson, Global CRM Manager, Roxtec.

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