How diligent is your Opportunity Management? Is it based on the mood of the individual Sales rep or simply guessing? Sales opportunities are often created hastily based on gut feelings, causing sales people to spread themselves too thin and spend too much time on low priority opportunities. They may even be spending time with opportunities that can never be won. Considering the resources, you spend on winning an opportunity, you need to decide what criteria must be met before you initiate a sales opportunity. Something you cannot afford just guessing. The Customer Journey Plugin™ helps you to qualify your opportunities with diligence, resulting in smarter decision making, improved resource allocation and better sales results.

No more guessing or gut feelings

Probability Trigger
When using SugarCRM’s Advanced Workflow together with Customer Journey Plugin™ allows you to build effective Opportunity Journeys and define precise criteria for the qualification and probability score. By using fixed qualification criteria like “budget in place” or “decision maker defined” as probability triggers, the individual sales rep is given an effective management tool that not only lists every task that needs to be completed but also forms the foundation for the Opportunity Qualification:

Review opportunities and disqualify

As the sales manager, you need to be able to quickly determine the state of each opportunity. With full overview and control of all processes at your dashboard, you can capture, visualize and create rule sets to make sure that you’re on track. And with the structured opportunity journey in place, you have a proactively management tool that gives you the full overview of milestones completed and allows you to review opportunities and disqualify them if relevant.