Issues of Marketing and Sales Alignment is a common challenge in today’s business. As with many organisations there is a raging river of silos and more flowing between these two areas. Internal fights about lead hand-­over procedures, lead quality, sales follow up and support are all widening the gap between the two. The result? Two key departments operate out of alignment and consequently loose potential opportunities to fuel the pipeline, which should be the main priority. The Customer Journey Plugin™ helps Marketing and Sales work together and brings substantial improvement on important performance metrics like shorter sales cycle, improved customer experiences and higher retention.

“Effective hand-­over process, shared overview and no more lost leads”

Effective lead hand-­over and sales tasks with Automated Workflows

The Customer Journey Plugin™ allows the Marketing department to effectively hand-­over leads to Sales. With the Advanced Task Flow the lead goes directly into the sales process where every sales task is clearly defined. The individual sales rep knows exactly what to do in order to drive the lead through to the lead qualification and to deliver the expected customer experience in each step of the customer journey.

Unified overview and clear progress with lead journey dashboard

Both Sales and Marketing have full access to any lead journey giving each team full overview of progress, tasks completed and next step. So rather than existing in silos; Marketing and Sales can now share a unified view of each lead, follow a more productive sales flow, and drive success for both teams.