Customer Journey Plugin Version 5.4.0 is now available

The major feature enhancements to the Customer Journey Plugin fall into two major categories:  enhancing the user experience and expanding template control and automation for administrators.

New Template:  Priority 1 Critical Problem

To show off the new capabilities that increase automation and even further reduce the number of user “clicks” required, a new template for handling High Priority Customer Problems is now available.   It demonstrates the major new capabilities summarized below.  Not only is the template usable with Case records in Sugar Enterprise and Sugar Serve, it shows again how the Customer Journey Plugin can be used to visually structure and automate any series of activities management by Sugar, regardless of department.

To see the capabilities and the new template in action, a short video is available.

See capabilities and the new template in action

Enhancing the User Experience

Intelligent One-Click enhances the existing One-Click capabilities by allowing greater customizability of any task or activity when a template is created.  You can now:

  • Pre-populate the value of custom fields on Activity Records.
  • Pre-populate related-record field values.
  • Automatically create or update any Related Sugar Action
  • Assign a Web hook “Custom Post Body” for detailed control of any external application from a task.

Expanding Template Control and Automation

Additional capabilities for administrators have been added including:

  • Start a new Journey when a stage or activity is complete.
  • Set “Cancel Action” to specify what should happen when a user cancels a journey
  • Define User and Team on journey start.
  • Define Assignee automatically based on specific activity completion
  • Trigger start of Momentum tracing via “specific activity completed” option
  • Momentum also now automatically tracks time change without needing a refresh or interaction.

The latest version also supports Sugar’s upcoming 10.2.x (Q4 2020) release.

Many of these new features came about because of feedback from partners and users.  If you have a feature you’d like to see, or if you have any feedback or questions about the Customer Journey Plugin, please contact us.

More details about this update, including issues addressed in this release, can be found here:
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