Orchestrate and visualize not only your customer-­facing processes, but any business processes such as Territory Account and Support Planning.

An approach loved by employees

Our Sugar Customer Journey solution enables you to choreograph every interaction your customer relationship professionals have with your customer and supplier stakeholders. By automating these business processes using your existing Sugar deployment, you ensure everyone is working together and is informed about what actions to take at every step along the way. The result: you accelerate your business objectives while deliver a superior experience to both your customers AND your employees. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Action is what Matters

Let’s say you’ve mapped your customer journey. You incorporate best practices when defining the various activities spanning all stages within the journey. But how can you turn your understanding into improved business performance? This is where you leverage the power of the Customer Journey solution. to automate various business processes to improve your customer experience and satisfaction while accelerating their progress through the decision cycle. Each process is assigned to the right employee so that everyone can view and take the necessary action across any device. You empower your employees to be always in the know and drive activities that meet your customer’s needs. Now that’s powerful.

Getting Started is Easy

Non-technical professionals can now create customer journey process templates – with no help from IT! Your professionals can simply leverage the easy-to-use, visual guide that shows what activities need to be performed for every customer interaction. Make CRM the engine that drives a better, more seamless customer experience.