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Announcing Momentum functionality in the Customer Journey Plugin for Sugar

The Customer Journey Plug-in defines processes, whether simple or complex. For all processes, there will be an optimal amount of time between steps and activities to maximize return or minimize risk.  This is known as process Momentum. Depending on the type of journey, this is sometimes called velocity, efficiency or forward motion.

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Roxtec finds “the missing piece of the puzzle” with Customer Journey Plugin™

The success factors: streamlined processes, a unified sales methodology and stronger onboarding efficiency. The key ingredient: Customer Journey Integration with Sugar! With a presence in more than 80 markets, Roxtec has become a global brand and a world-leading supplier of flexible cable and pipe sealing solutions to various industries.

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Geno – Simplifying complexity

Simplifying complexity: Geno, the Norwegian breeding organisation, streamlines and fast-tracks multiple customer processes and ensures an easy knowledge transition across staff. Next step: implementing the Customer Journey Plugin™ globally. “We are very impressed with the Customer Journey Plugin™ and how it helps us streamline our marketing and sales processes

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Customer Journey Plug-In

The ability to visualize a process or series of tasks is available for all aspects of the business including lead management, opportunity tracking, account planning and customer care. There are a number of prebuilt templates available that can all be copied, modified and extended to meet the needs of your organization. This ability to

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