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Intelligent One-Click and Other Major Enhancements

Customer Journey Plugin Version 5.4.0 is now available The major feature enhancements to the Customer Journey Plugin fall into two major categories:  enhancing the user experience and expanding template control and automation for administrators. New Template:  Priority 1 Critical Problem To show off the new capabilities that increase automation and even further reduce the

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Customer Journey Mobile

The Customer Journey Mobile™ by Addoptify brings the capabilities of the popular Customer Journey Plug-in for Sugar to the Sugar Mobile app for iOS devices. Using the Customer Journey Mobile app means one can not only see but assign, interact and use customer journeys as on the desktop. The Customer Journey Mobile app is

2020-10-21T09:59:08+00:00August 2nd, 2020|

1-Click complex task execution for SUGAR or ANY external application

A Customer Journey Plugin task can be defined so  that a series of actions can take place on 1 click.   The capability extends to being able to call an external application and pass it appropriate data so that it can also be completed with 1 click. You can view a video of the capabilities

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Customer Journey Plug-In

The ability to visualize a process or series of tasks is available for all aspects of the business including lead management, opportunity tracking, account planning and customer care. There are a number of prebuilt templates available that can all be copied, modified and extended to meet the needs of your organization. This ability to

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