Say hello to the new Sugar plug-In

The AddOptify Customer Journey Plug-In™ is now an integrated part of the Sugar platform

We are proud to announce that the AddOptify Customer Journey Plug-In™ have become an integrated part of the Sugar platform. SugarCRM enables businesses to create extraordinary customer relationships with the most empowering CRM solutions gathered in one platform.

Based on industry standards and best practice solutions, we have developed a solution for customer journey mapping in cooporation with recognised Customer Strategist Phil Winters to help companies to see their business from their customers’ point of view.

New communication technologies have changed customer behaviour and expectations. Today’s customers have seized control of their purchase processes and the way they interact with their suppliers. With the AddOptify Customer Journey Plug-In™, your company can easily adapt to the “new normal”, through individualised customer service.

”We are proud to have become the key to make Sugar a powerful solution to operationalising the Customer Journey Maps. This underlines that the plug-In is addressing an important demand in a marked where streamlined processes, enhanced sales performance and stronger customer engagements across all departments are top of the agenda. This manifests our ambitions to continue delivering value added solutions and with this partnership we are able to offer the solution to a global audience. We look forward to our strategic relationship with SugarCRM where customer experience will be top of mind”, Kristian Af Sandeberg, CEO at AddOptify.

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Dynamic workflow

Plan all your activities across your organisation.

Customer decision chart

Displays the individual customer’s process throughout the entire decision journey. Once a particular item is completed, a status can be updated so that, at any given moment, you know where the customer is in the decision cycle.

Always updated and on track

Complete overview of decision stages, tasks completed and next step